Porchlight Community Services Brand and Marketing
Collateral Creative Brief

Client: Porchlight Community Services (DBA)

Creative Goals:
Consistency in look and feel with brand development and
guidelines, possible taglines, logo development and color palette, a
personalized experience for website and collateral, business card for
donor and shopper, social platform guidelines and hashtag library
Creative Brief (as summarized from call notes):
PCS provides services for middle income families that don’t qualify
for programs, they focus on medical needs for specialty foods such
as gluten free, vegan, keto. The demographic is primarily three zip
codes although popular with other areas, women mostly – mid-20s to
40s. Payment is via a sliding scale on income (application process),
allowing for savings to be used towards other financial challenges for
the shopper. PCS would like to work with donors that are local or
nationwide that align with the healthy, sustainable lifestyle. They are
changing the face of food distribution by scheduling appointments
for their shoppers instead of food lines, keeping a store appearance
for a true shopping experience, and creating community by building
relationships; a social supermarket experience. Goals to gain donors
(creation of business case study/infographics) and add services such
as free tax preparation and financial education. Desiring to stand
out from other non-profits visually with vibrant colors and modern
logo that relate to key terms: organic, healthy, sustainable,
community building, nourishing, food, table, foster. Social accounts
exist for twitter/insta/facebook eco system – define hashtags and
guidelines for posting.
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